Welcome to BabiesAndChildren.co.uk

Babies and Children is a brand new website for parents and their babies and children in the North Hertfordshire area. We officially launched on Thursday, October the 20th, and we were ecstatic that on the same day we launched, our Facebook page (that was the reason for this site existing) after 3 months hit 1000 LIKEs.  

It’s taken just over a month of hard work (and some hair pulling moments when things didn’t work) to get it to where it is. We hope you like what is here so far. there is loads more to add to it over time and lots of plans that we think you’re going to love.  

We want to make it into a site that will be really helpful to you. It’s going to have regular blogs with tips and advice from experts in their field. You’ll be able to find lots of local baby and child related businesses in our directory, along with local events on the events page. If you run a business or are an event organiser you can add your listing. But you’ll need to be a member of the site and you can JOIN HERE which is free. Then, please feel free to add your business or add your event there, or if you know someone who would want to, send them our way!

We also hope you like our shiny logo, and mascot too. His name is Tanga the Tiger and he’s even got his own Facebook page. You’ll be seeing a lot more from him and some of his friends that’ll be around soon.

So what have we got planned?


Tanga the Tiger
Tanga the Tiger

We’re working on getting you discounts online to put some money back in your pocket. Also, we’ll get you some discounts with local, providers too . There is also going to be some awesome competitions for you to enter too and some great prizes. To get this you’ll have to be a Babies and Children member you can JOIN HERE don’t worry though our Baby Membership is free!

For businesses, we’re going to be holding regular networking meetings. To meet others in baby and children related businesses. You don’t have to be a business owner to come along. You can be a mum or dad and come out for a coffee, meet new people and make new friends and connections.

Last, but certainly not least, there is going to be an all singing all dancing app with things for you on it and things to keep the little ones amused too.

That’s it for now, we have a lot more planned but we don’t want to tell you everything at once :-). Over the weeks and months, we’ll be adding lots of things so it’ll be really worth coming back to visit us regularly.

Babies and Children is going to be a great website

Once we’ve got everything running we know you’ll really enjoy it and recommend it to other parents. We’re really excited about the future for the website. We’re also excited about our offline activities that we have planned too and can’t wait to reveal them to you. We really want to make this the best community website in North Hertfordshire for parents.

We look forward to seeing you back here soon and building a great community for you.

If you’ve got some awesome ideas/ suggestions for the website that you’d like to see on here?
then please let us know and get in touch on the contact page.

oh, and did I mention how excited we are about the site?

See you again soon.