Baby milestones for their first year.

Baby milestones in first year infographic i

Baby milestones – The first year

Here is our Infographic for baby milestones of their journey in the first year. Our first year of being a parent is an exciting one to say the least. It has many firsts that are absolutely joyous to see. Here is our Infographic of when they will happen, make sure you have a camera to hand. 

Please note that these are averages and every baby is different, so don’t worry if they don’t hit these at the exact times. 🙂 . This is our first Infographic, hopefully, the first of many. We also plan to create pregnancy milestone Infographics and 1 to 5 years Infographics too. If you’d like to see a particular infographic or have an idea for one please message us and let us know, we’ll see what we can do. We hope you enjoy reading our Baby Milestones Infographic and if you do like it please share it with your friends.


Baby milestones in first year infographic i


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