The best way to sell your baby and toddler items

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What is the best way to sell your baby’s and children’s toys, books, equipment and clothes? We take a look to help you decide

As our babies and toddlers grow they leave behind them a huge mountain of ‘stuff’ from clothes and books to equipment such as prams, cots, pushchairs and then, of course, the toys. Some of these items will be used for a month or two, some maybe a week and others never at all. You may be asking yourself what is the best way to sell your baby and toddler items? 

However long it takes, we all get a pile of our babies used items cluttering up our cupboards as they outgrow these once loved items. Once this mountain has built up we all want to declutter and reclaim our space. But, what is the best way to do this? In this post, we’re going to look at your options.

The Best way to clear out the clutter

 There are loads of ways you can have a clear out and sell your baby and toddler gear. You could bag it all up and give it to your favourite local charity. You could offer it to people on somewhere like Freecycle or add it to the local recycling bins at Sainsbury’s. Of course, none of these is any good if you’d prefer to turn your pre-loved baby and toddler items into cash. 

Below we’ve covered the ways you can sell your baby items. We have looked at the pros and cons, so you can decide the best way to sell baby and toddler items for you. We’ve listed ways to sell baby items online and offline

Also looked at the costs of the different ways to sell your baby and children.s items based on if you sold £150 of merchandise.


Online auction websites

eBay is without a doubt the most famous online auction web site and is a popular way to sell. It’s a good way to sell your baby and toddler things online. On eBay there are the various options you have for selling you can have an auction only, you can have an auction and set a reserve. You can sell via ‘Buy It Now’ price for an instant sale. I used to run an eBay business before smartphones were around, remember those days? It used to be a pain to connect the camera up to get the pictures uploaded for the listing but now you can do it all from the smartphone app.

All you have to do is take a picture add it to the listing, weigh the item and work out the postage and list it.Sell your baby and toddler gear on eBay

Costs of selling £150 worth of items
It would cost you around £23.13 (possibly more if you added enhanced listings) this was calculated using the eBay fee calculator based on 3 items selling at £50  each.

* Can all be done from your smartphone.
* Can sell to anyone in the country, therefore a bigger audience.
* Done from the comfort of your home.

* The time that is taken to pack items and taking them to the post office.
* Buyers can return stuff or claim they never received it.
* If using auction without a reserve you could end up getting far less than you want for an item.
* If you don’t list properly your item may not be seen and not sell.

Nearly New Market Sales

There are a few Nearly new sale markets around nowadays. Some of the organisations are the NCT, Cheeki Monkeys, and Mum2Mum Market sales. A few local community groups run sales also and generally 2 types. one type of sale is where you book a stall and sell your baby and children’s items yourself. Or there is the NCT Nearly New Sales type where you give them all your items and they hang everything on rails or put them on tables and buyers pick up what they want and pay for it at the end. With the NCT Nearly New Sales, they charge a 30% percent commission on what they sell for you.  

Mum2Mum Market Nearly New Sale

Costs of selling £150 worth of items
Selling at a nearly new sale costs between £10 – £45

* Everyone there is a potential buyer
* You can potentially get rid of all or nearly of the items you take.
* You are on neutral ground with buyers (ie not strangers coming to your house) 

* You have to be happy to talk to buyers, but this can be a bonus if you like meeting and talking to people, also it can help sell an item. 
*Be prepared to haggle.

Social websites

Facebook is the biggest social media site and again using your smartphone you can list in the relative comfort of your home. There are loads of selling groups on Facebook that you can list your items and it relatively easy if not time-consuming. If you have a busy group your items could disappear down the timeline quite fast. This means you need to go back to the group and ‘Bump’ the post by commenting in the comments usually with a B. This action sends the post back to the top otherwise your items may not get seen, On the other hand in quiet groups your items may stay near the top but if no one is visiting the group then it’s almost pointless posting.

How many groups should I post in?

If you are going to use this method to sell your baby and toddler then you’ll also need to post in several groups and keep track of where you’ve posted, it also means you may have to answer the same question several times over unless you leave a comprehensive description in all. Overall this can take a lot of time but it is free.

On top of this different group admins have different rules, some have none and some go mad with power! you need to follow their rules or be banned from the group.

Costs of selling £150 worth of items

Pros sell your baby and toddler books and dvds
* It’s FREE – big pro there.
* Can be done from your sofa.
* Easy to list items.

* Strangers coming to collect at your home.
* Buyers sometimes don’t bother to show up.
* Buyers try to haggle you down after agreeing on price on the group.

Car boot salesSell your baby and toddler stuff at a car boot sale

I think car boot sales have been around almost as long as cars have had boots! okay maybe not, but they are definitely popular events as long as the weather is good. If you get the right pitch and are in the right place at the right time you could sell, pretty much all of your stuff. From my experience of car boot sales, you need to be prepared to haggle. Buyers at car boot sales like a good haggle and want stuff for next to nothing. I think most people agree though that this isn’t the best way to sell your baby and toddler equipment and other items unless you ony have a few bits and want to sell with other stuff.

Costs of selling £150 worth of items
£4 -£21

* Can be cheap way to sell
* Good if you have other non baby and child related stuff to sell.

* Not everyone is looking for baby items
* Normally outside (obviously a pro on a sunny hot day)

Selling Apps

There are selling apps available like Spock where again you can sell from the comfort of your home using your smartphone. Like Facebook it’s an easy way to sell your baby and toddler books and clothes etc. 

Costs of selling £150 worth of items
FREE – 79 pence upwards 
NOTE – You could spend a fortune on listing on selling apps, by choosing the upgrades and with no money back if it doesn’t  sell. In fact, in some cases, you can list items on the apps and they can go for weeks without selling.

* Can be FREE
* Can be done from your sofasell your baby and toddler toys
* Easy to list items.

* Strangers coming to collect at your home
* Buyers sometimes don’t bother to show up
* Buyers try to haggle you down after agreeing on the price.
* You can pay listing fee and may not sell




So what is the best way to sell your baby and toddler items?

As you can see there are a variety of ways to sell your baby and toddler toys, equipment and clothes, none of them are right or wrong, you just have to decide which way you prefer to sell. We hope this post has helped you make a decision on which is the best selling method for you. Whichever way you decide we wish you the best of luck. 



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