St Johns Ambulance free guide to baby first aid


Undoubtedly, it is important to learn baby first aid

If you are a parent or carer then learning some basic baby first aid skills will help you in an emergency situation. It will also help you to be more confident in knowing what to do if something were to happen!

You need to ask yourself the question, if something were to happen would you know what to do? If the answer was baby first aidNo then you need to consider learning the skills. The first step in doing so would be to get the St Johns Ambulance’s handy pocket guide to baby first aid. You can order the St Johns Ambulance free Baby first aid guide here

Of course, the best thing to do is to be taught baby first aid by a qualified professional, just so you know you’re doing it correctly.  Especially when it comes to baby CPR, which is different to performing CPR on a child which is again different to performing it on an adult. The other benefit of taking a course is that you get to practice the skills needed. This increases your chances of remembering those skills as actually doing them is 

According to the St Johns Ambulance website, only 25% of parents would know what to do in a situation where a baby or infant stopped breathing.

Remember in a life-threatening emergency, you should call 999. However, if it is not an emergency and if your child is coughing or wheezy, call NHS 111 or your GP for advice.


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