Hertfordshire school term dates

Hertfordshire school term dates
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Here are the Hertfordshire school term dates and holiday dates

Get your holidays booked in early. This page lists all the Hertfordshire school term dates up to 2nd September 2020. The page is updated periodically. Here are some things to do in the Hertfordshire school holidays

If your child is under 11, you can read our guide to applying for school places for information about when you need to apply.

Important – check with your school

It is important that you confirm school dates if your child is in an Academy, voluntary-aided, foundation or a free schools as they may have slightly different term dates. 
Check your child’s school website to see whether they have set different term dates.

Find your school’s website

This school year (2018/19)

  • Christmas holiday: 22 December 2018 – 4 January 2019
  • February Half term holiday 2019: 18 February – 22 February
  • Easter holiday 2019: 8 April – 22 April – 
  • Half term holiday 2019: 27 May – 31 May – May half term holidays things to do.  
  • Summer holiday 2019: 25 July – 1 September

Next school year (2019/20)

  • Start of school term 2019: 2 September
  • Half term holiday: 28 October 2019 – 1 November 2019
  • Christmas holiday: 23 December 2019 – 3 January 2020
  • Half term holiday: 17 February 2020 – 21 February 2020
  • Easter holiday: 6 April 2020 – 17 April 2020
  • Half term holiday: 25 May 2020 – 29 May 2020
  • Summer holiday: 22 July 2020 – 2 September 2020

INSET days and Occasional days

An INSET day, was originally an IN-SErvice Training day, is one of a series of five days in most schools on which the school does not open to pupils. The staff are required to attend for training or to complete administrative tasks. Teachers can catch up with work and have the opportunity to train on the use of any new technology or new ways of doing things in school.

Community and voluntary-controlled schools must use the above term dates, adding 5 INSET days and 1 Occasional day where children don’t need to go to school.
However,  Academies, voluntary-aided, foundation and free schools aren’t required to follow the above term dates. 


How many terms in a school year?

There are 6 terms in a school year, from September to September.

How many school days in a year UK?

There are 190 school days in a year.

How are term dates decided?

Hertfordshire term dates are set to ensure children get the most out of their time at school. They are based upon 7 principles.

1.  School and teacher representatives are set an annual window of 196 days. The schools must divide these days between:

  • 190 days pupil attendance
  • 5 professional development days  (INSET days)
  • 1 day for occasional holiday

2.  When 2 weeks are set they should include 3 weekends.

3.  School terms must be full weeks Monday to Friday. If this is not possible, there should be at least 2 working days.

4.  All Hertfordshire half terms must be full weeks.

5.  Christmas breaks should contain 2 full weeks where possible.

6.  Holidays should be as close to neighbouring counties as possible.

7.  The year 7 taster day for new secondary school pupils must be the second Thursday in July.

Check out our events page if you’re looking for Hertfordshire half term activities

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