Moon and Me: The new TV series set to be a hit

Moon and Me is the new series for babies and children from the creator of In The Night Garden and Teletubbies Andrew Davenport.

Every parent knows of the TV series’ In the Night Garden and Teletubbies. Now new series Moon and Me is set to be a hit too. Well that’s going by our son who loves it. It is very similar to In the Night Garden.

Pepi Nana is a toy that while her owner sleeps, wakes when the moon comes out. Moon and Me like In The Night Garden is a combination of live action filming and stop-motion animation. The series is currently airing on Cbeebies and available on iPlayer.

Andrew Davenport was co-creator of Teletubies, and wrote all of the 365, 25 minute long episodes. It first aired way back in 1997. In the Night Garden first aired in 2007. Davenport wrote the 100 episodes and created the theme music too.

Moon and Me as his previous series’ may sound like the characters just spout gibberish and are dumbing down TV. However the shows are based on science and Davenport studied BSc Speech Sciences.

Moon and Me merchandise

As ever toy licenses have been granted and Moon and Me toys will be in the shops. You may want to get your debit and credit cards out as the toys are set to be a big seller for years to come.

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