Babies and Children is a new website with the mission of helping make the lives of parents easier.

Hello, Welcome to Babies and Children website, we’re a website dedicated to helping you get the most from being a parent. We want to make it easier and more fun. It’s a website built and run by parents for parents.

Our Mission is simple:

  • Provide advice and answers to parents
  • Give new parents and parents-to-be the guidance they need. ‘Because sometimes, you don’t know, what you don’t know’
  • Make it easier for parents to find things to do with the kids
  • Help mums and dads save money on products, services and events.

The website originally launched in 2016 but after we lost the website because of hosting problems.  After a little while away from it, we decided we wanted to rebuild. We wanted to get it up and running again. This time with experience and fresh plans.

We’re going to bring you lot’s of ways to help you on your parenting journey from events and local businesses that will be of interest to you along with ways for you to save money too (because kids can be expensive!)

How we make money

We make money by displaying Ads, when you click on the ads you’re interested in we make a few pence. We also have affiliate links and display links to products we think you may want to buy, if you go to the retailers and buy the product we get paid. It does not cost you more to buy by doing this.

This income covers our costs of running this website, allows us to put some food on the table and in the future (when we make a bit more) we want to reinvest it to improve the site and give you some other great services.

We hope you find the site useful and share it now with your friends. It’ll help us build the site quicker.


The Babies and Children team